A Highway Safety System For Trucks

Pronto is committed to developing safe, dependable transportation technology that reflects a genuine concern for the well-being of those with whom we share the road. It is critical that drivers remain alert, drive defensively, and not rely completely on new technology to control their vehicles. Copilot requires a fully engaged driver at all times. 


We understand the strain and fatigue that driving many hours a day puts on drivers’ minds and bodies. Long hours of driving sap energy and diminish focus on the roads. With Copilot, Pronto is delivering tangible safety and comfort benefits to drivers by offering a driver assist system that reduces the workload for drivers, allowing them to stay fully alert longer, and remain focused on monitoring the overall safe journey of the truck.

Copilot’s safety benefits include lane centering, adaptive cruise control, collision mitigation, system use monitoring and more. 


Copilot’s lane centering technology will not only reduce the cumulative fatigue drivers face by reducing workload, but it will also prevent accidents caused by lane or road departures.


Copilot’s adaptive cruise control goes beyond other systems and not only helps the driver keep a safe distance from lead vehicles, but it can also reduce speed-related crashes by appropriately slowing the truck for turns.



Copilot’s collision mitigation system uses an outward-facing camera in conjunction with radar. This reduces the amount of false braking events that are common with other automatic emergency braking systems, while also making the driving experience more predictable and safer.


With Copilot,  existing OEM safety features remain active. In addition, we limit the maximum amount of braking, throttle, and steering our technology is capable of producing, allowing the driver sufficient time to respond to unforeseen behavior.


Our active driver monitoring system is there to make sure the driver is safe from fatigue or distraction. In the event the driver monitoring system detects a distracted or fatigued driver, it will alert the driver. If the driver is unresponsive to  audible warnings, the system will stop the truck. Copilot is the only system available today that can safely bring the truck to a stop in the event of a driver losing consciousness.


We believe proper training is essential  to understand the capabilities of any advanced driver assistance system. With Copilot, this training is provided directly by our experienced team.