A Highway Safety System For Trucks

Pronto is committed to developing safe, dependable transportation technology which reflects a genuine concern for the well-being of those with whom we share the road. It is critical that drivers remain alert, drive defensively, and not rely completely on new technology to control their vehicles.


Pronto believes it is important to build a robust safety culture. All employees are given the authority to immediately halt public road driving and are encouraged to raise safety concerns with any member of the Company’s leadership team at any time.


We believe that it is safer to perform the vast majority of our prototyping and development on light passenger vehicles before moving the technology to class 8 trucks. We also currently constrain our operating domain to divided highways. Where possible, we have adapted our safety policies from standard practices in the trucking, manufacturing, and aerospace industries, among others.

  • All OEM safety features in our vehicles remain active. In addition, we limit the maximum amount of braking, throttle, and steering our technology is capable of producing, allowing our driver sufficient time to respond to any unforeseen behavior.

  • We believe it is important to prioritize performing a few driving tasks exceptionally well in a wide variety of weather conditions and highway settings rather than trying to do everything that driving entails in a non-realistic environment.

  • We do not anchor our safety claims to the absolute number of miles driven or simulated.

  • We do not track our progress by using disengagement metrics that are potentially misleading and easily manipulated.

  • We are not a trucking company, we are a software company.

While the above outlines, in brief, our internal practices, we will share more of our perspective on road safety as we begin to roll out our products in 2019. We are eager to elevate the conversation and set new standards for the industry.