Our Approach

We’re building the world’s best self-driving stack, full stop. We’re building it not with conventional thinking and legacy techniques, but with creativity, advanced technology, and clear business objectives. We’re a fast-moving team where every individual plays a critical role in our success. We’re making the promise of self-driving transportation a reality, from day one.


Anthony Levandowski CEO and Co-Founder

Pronto CEO and Co-founder, Anthony Levandowski, is widely regarded as a pioneer and leading innovator in the autonomous vehicle industry. His teams have achieved numerous technological advancements and industry “firsts,” including the first (and to this date only) unmanned autonomous drive on California roads, the first (and still by far longest) commercial delivery by an autonomous truck, and — most recently with Pronto — the first disengage-free cross-country drive. Anthony’s goal with Pronto is to commercialize and deliver the safety benefits of self-driving technology to the trucking industry. Copilot by Pronto offers the most advanced highway driving features and is specifically designed to improve the driving experience for truck drivers.


Prior to Pronto, Anthony oversaw Uber’s autonomous vehicle program, a role he assumed when his start-up, Otto, was acquired in 2016. Anthony spent almost nine years at Google, where he created the foundation for the autonomous vehicle program (now Waymo) through the sale of two of his other businesses. He began his career at the University of California, Berkeley, when he led a team of classmates in building Ghostrider, an autonomous motorcycle that competed in the DARPA Grand Challenge, which now resides in the Smithsonian National Museum of American History. Anthony’s entrepreneurial streak extends beyond the development of autonomous vehicles and includes the key enabling technology behind Google Street View as well as the creation and launch of Uber Freight.


Ognen Stojanovski COO and Co-Founder

Ognen has extensive experience in the self-driving space, beginning in 2004 as a competitor in the first DARPA Grand Challenge. Before Pronto, Ognen helped launch Otto and Uber Freight, both of which focused on developing technology for the trucking industry. At Pronto, Ognen works closely with carriers of all sizes, as well as policymakers, regulators, and law enforcement at the federal, state, and international levels to promote the safe, repeatable, and commercially viable deployments of technology. He previously cleared regulatory paths to allow for the first commercial delivery by an autonomous truck, as well as the first series of interstate shipments by self-driving trucks.Stojanovski has a background in law and engineering.


Robbie Miller Chief Safety Officer

Robbie Miller is one of the most experienced vehicle operations safety managers in the self-driving vehicle industry, having spent the past decade developing industry best practices and building and training teams to safely test and operate self-driving cars and trucks. As Pronto’s Chief Safety Officer, Robbie oversees testing operations of Pronto’s self-driving technology systems. Robbie previously held leadership positions at Uber ATG and Otto and managed test operations at Google Self-Driving Cars. Over the course of his career, Robbie has built and scaled multistate teams to facilitate testing, designed and managed test sites, and developed industry best practices for the safe testing of autonomous vehicles.