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International Mining Calls Out Pronto for Delivering Next Level Fleet Autonomy

An International Mining article posted by Paul Moore looks at how Pronto’s experience in state of the art on-road autonomous driving helped us approach mining AHS from a new point of view.

In the story, our COO & Co-Founder Ognen Stojanovski notes how one of our customers with a commercial trucking fleet “also had some material haulage contracts in mines and wanted to use the same tech in what was a much more controlled environment and not only that, use it to its fully autonomous capability. The more we learned about mining, the better fit we saw it having with our technology.”

As we looked at mining, the story states, our team initially assumed large OEMs had “solved” autonomous mining. Ognen adds “we quickly realised it was hardware heavy and essentially restricted to ultraclass truck primary haulage and that our software and AI heavy approach could offer a much more general autonomy for mining, able to handle a much greater range of mining environments with a lot fewer sensors, much lower costs and much less operational restrictions.”

Pronto AHS Powering Autonomous Haulage Today

Pronto AHS is engineered for a variety of rugged off-road environments, from the smallest quarries to the largest mines. Haul trucks equipped with our AHS are improving efficiency and safety, while also reducing costs, in multiple production environments today.

The article says how Pronto AHS “has already deployed not just for R&D and trials – vehicles equipped with its system are hauling ore in daily production and it believes it was the first in the US to do so. It also believes it was the first to be in regular mine production using autonomous vehicles in the smaller equipment classes.”

The article closes by noting how we aim “to deliver full autonomy to any truck, in any mine, anywhere, and is deployable today; simplifying autonomy for the industry.”

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