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Pronto in the News: Agg-Net

Pronto and Bell Trucks America (BTA) partnered to deliver commercial non-ultra class Autonomous Haulage System (AHS) deployments.

Agg-Net features how our AHS operating on BTA trucks is an ideal solution for mine and quarry operators looking to automate their fleet operations.

Pronto AHS is an off-road autonomous haulage system specifically engineered for rugged and industrial environments. It enables Bell trucks to provide consistency in every area of job scope – production, safety, operation, and maintenance – to help customers achieve a competitive edge and increased profitability.

In the story, BTA product manager Brad Castle says Pronto “offers quick deployment with a much simpler, integrated system that has subscription-based pricing with minimal upfront costs. Theirs is a camera system, and the non-dynamic site and object detection require manual interactions. However, it is controlled by a user-friendly mobile app and routes can be easily changed by manually driving them. It is also possible to run this system over a private LTE network.”

Brad praises the “flexibility” our AHS offers customers. He notes BTA provides “a standard cab with no extra hardware taking up space to create an environment where manual, remote or autonomous operation is interchangeable. This means that once an ADT has finished a contract on an autonomous site, the sensory and control system can easily be removed, and the truck either fitted with a new system for another site or used in a manual operation.”

Delivering Safe, Proven, Autonomous Haulage

Complex industrial sites like mines and quarries are finding Pronto AHS is the right choice for fleet autonomy.To learn why Pronto AHS is the optimal system to deliver autonomous haulage at your mining site, contact us at, and join the conversation on LinkedIn and Twitter.