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Pronto in the News: WIRED

Mining Leads the Way for Autonomous Heavy Equipment Deployments

The path for vehicle autonomy is evolving, writes Khari Johnson in his latest report for WIRED, “The Elusive Dream of Fully Autonomous Construction Vehicles.” While achieving the promise of self-driving construction vehicles is still a work in progress, innovation leaders like Pronto are blazing the trail with autonomous heavy equipment deployments in mining today.

In this story, Khari speaks with our CEO Anthony Levandowski who discusses how Pronto “focuses on automating trucks that travel on predetermined routes in mines and quarries.” Our automated autonomous haulage systems (AHS) are specifically engineered for a variety of off-road, rugged environments.

Khari notes how Anthony “helped catalyze the automated driving industry when, in 2008, he programmed a self-driving Prius to cross the San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge (with a police escort) to deliver a pizza.”

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