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Women’s History Month: Emily Pye

This March, we celebrate National Women’s History Month, and we are proud to highlight the women on our team who are leading at Pronto and in their communities. Meet Emily Pye, our technical project manager, and learn more about how her endurance and leadership skills that she honed as a collegiate athlete come to play everyday at Pronto. As our technical project manager, Emily spends her time jumping from project to project to keep our team “full steam ahead.”

How did you get into this role? 

I was working as a product manager for a sports technology startup managing their wearable technology performance tracking devices. I thoroughly enjoyed molding the product and watching it grow through its life cycles. Finally seeing a product that you have worked on for two years be used and enjoyed by the intended customer is one of the most rewarding feelings within business. That feeling is what I was seeking out when I began my search for a new job.

Luckily, I then found Pollen, a subsidiary of Pronto, and the hardware was similar enough for me to feel comfortable discussing while also being different enough to allow me to expand my horizons. Once I got the position I dove head first into the world of networking and have not stopped learning since!

What is a typical day like for you? 

In true start-up fashion no working day is the same, which is one of the perks of working for such a fast moving company. As a technical project manager a lot of my time is spent jumping from project to project to keep us full steam ahead. I am constantly organizing and allocating our engineering resources so that we stay on track to hit our milestones.

When I’m not in internal planning mode I am working with external vendors, radio manufacturers, and commercial deployers to further strengthen our relationships and service. 

What excites you about working here?

I love coming to work every morning knowing that I will learn something new and quickly be given the opportunity to apply that knowledge. Pollen has never limited me to one role and encourages me to find what I am passionate about within our company. That freedom allows me to constantly push myself  into new areas of development and innovation.

What keeps you excited and busy outside of work? 

I love to play soccer, travel, and drink overpriced iced coffee. 

Could you share a story about a woman who helped you as a leader or mentor and what she meant for your career today? 

I have only ever worked in technology and until I came to Pollen, I had never had the privilege of working under a woman. So once I got the job it was incredibly refreshing to come to this company and have the pleasure of working under Victoria Pacchiana, the COO of Pollen Mobile. 

Victoria is an incredibly refreshing presence in this space as she is unapologetically herself and always stands up for her ideas and those of her team. It can be hard to be an outspoken woman in tech but after working with Victoria for the last 7 months, I now have an incredible blueprint to follow.